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It’s All About The Kids

News - It's All About the Kids

Unless you are completely devoid of emotion the prospect of divorce will always be a daunting concept. Where am I going to live? Will there be enough money? Whose side will our friends take? And most important and worrying of all…what about the kids?

Why Bankruptcy Works

News - Why Bankruptcy Works

For most of us building a high credit score is like having the golden ticket to being able to fund purchases that just aren’t accessible through regular monthly cash flow.

On Bankruptcy

News - On Bankruptcy

Most adult Americans carry some form of debt, the most common being home mortgage, credit cards and student loans. Provided income exceeds repayment fees all’s well and good.

Minnesota Divorce

News - Minnesota Divorce

There’s no doubt that when a couple make their vows in marriage, they both believe that they are signing up for a lifetime commitment. Sadly, as we are all aware, that is not always the case.