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Minnesota Divorce

Minnesota Divorce

Minnesota Divorce

There’s no doubt that when a couple make their vows in marriage, they both believe that they are signing up for a lifetime commitment. Sadly, as we are all aware, that is not always the case.


Here in Minnesota our annual divorce rate is 10% which is slightly lower than the national average of 10.9% but however you want to paint it, it’s still not a pretty picture.


The small cracks in a relationship can quickly develop into a massive chasm when not addressed. If the signs are spotted early enough relationship counselling can be helpful as can the more extreme option of a trial separation…who knows, absence can make the heart grow stronger?


The hard truth is that it only takes one party to petition a divorce. So even if one of you doesn’t want to end the marriage the petitioner only has to attest that there is an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”. And so, the process begins. It can be a tortuous path to the exit door.


Childcare, custody and maintenance. The division of assets, ongoing alimony are issues that will need to be addressed. Inevitably, dealing with all this will be stressful and often unpleasant, which is why the estranged couple will need the advice of a good local attorney.


The first step is to find a law office, this is where we come in. We offer the initial consultation for free. We also do our very utmost to make the process as stress free as possible.


As daunting as the thought of divorce may be, with our help most couples can move on from it and shape, hopefully, a more fulfilling future.

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